Steppin’ with Jesus


If you’re like me, you search for inspiration, you yearn to be in awe and challenged. Some people may turn to a great book, a good sermon, conversation with one another. But again, if you’re like me I turn to Google. I go to the image section and type in some fluffy thing like… “It will get better tomorrow” “Romans 15:13 picture” and the most relevant search, “One Step at a Time”. One Step at a Time is where I found this guy. My little duck. My waddling-I’m-gonna-get-there-and-be-happy-in-the-process guy. It’s surprising he still arises good feelings in me. You see when I found this duck via Google, I felt like life was finally turning a corner. I felt like stressors I once had I truly surrounded to the Lord, I felt like financially I was going to have a breakthrough, I felt …free.. I felt good. I placed my little guy as the background of my new work laptop. I had begged for years for this new laptop and I loved it. One week later that laptop was stolen from my work. My little duck ran out on me if you will, “One Step at a Time”.

Ugh, how annoying right? It wasn’t just that bad things happened, it was that I was expecting the complete opposite. I was expecting the big turnaround, I was expecting to be protected. I spent two days and three nights crying about it. Then… I remembered I just bounced back. Just like that, like everyone said I would, I was back on the wagon, I was working hard and enjoying it in the process. I can’t really explain what happened. I sure didn’t feel inspired that third morning when I woke up, I probably didn’t pray, I know it was any of the condolences I got, maybe its that “there’s work to do so lets get moving” mentality. But I just know I took it, dare I say, One Step at a Time.

I started using my old laptop again, recovered documents from fellow employees, and kept the background whatever it was before the new one, probably some worded out scripture about holding onto Him, because I ALWAYS need that reminder. A few months later I remembered my little guy in a conversation I was having with some friends. I showed it to them and they awed at it, knowing he looked so free and joyful. The next week I reinstated the little guy as my background. It wasn’t his fault he was taken away.

Something about this picture makes me wonder something new everyday. As lame as that may seem…. I mean where is he going? The angle of the photo makes it seem like he has a lot of ground to cover, no? I wonder if that’s how Jesus sees me wondering around with sunlight shining off me when sometimes I see myself as a horror scene. I don’t know how it triggered this thought in me yesterday but looking at this picture and truly asking Jesus… Jesus what do YOU want me to see. He spoke firmly (in my heart)… “We’re going further”. Yesterday I thought was going to be a big day for me, I mean it was a big event… from the staff stand point it was a solo event (note if a volunteer reads this you did GREAT, I mean coordinating) two young women shared testimonies and the founder of where I work just blew the crowd away. I am not saying I wasn’t moved it was a great event, I was focused too much to really allow my heart to sink in. But talking to Jesus about it (because as my friends would say it really only matters what Jesus says) So what Jesus said was, “because this isn’t it. This isn’t your highest potential. This is not the end all be all. This is just one step and girl” He says… “We got a lot of ground to cover. We’re going places. We’re doing big things.” ((smiles))

Keep on, Keepin’ on,
WNY LIfe Together Team

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