Verb vs. Noun

The world is a fallen place and the people in it are flawed. Whether you’re a Christian or not, it is never a guarantee that the ones you love will cherish or care for you in the way that they should. I’m sure that you’ve noticed by now that we live in a day and age where love and commitment are no longer revered as they once were. Believing in an unfailing love can seem like an insurmountable task when the world around you blares the message that nothing lasts forever.  

For most of my adult life I fell victim to that lie, hook, line and sinker.  As a result, I never put much stock in love because I believed it was just another human emotion that could eventually flicker and fade away at the slightest provocation. What a terrible mindset to hold on to! Only uncertainty and insecurity can be born from that kind of thinking, and admittedly so, I was extremely insecure.  

But then I found hope!

The Bible tells us in 1 John 4:8 that, “God is love.”  While it only took me a year or so to finally get it through my head that Jesus loves me, the meaning of the verse, “God is love” completely evaded me until recently.  

The fact that God is love means that when we’re in His presence, all our striving comes to a halt. With Him we can rest. There’s nothing we need to do to earn His love, it’s given freely and given in abundance.

Let’s make this more personal to you:

God loves YOU more deeply and passionately than any person you’ve met or any person you’ve yet to meet!  Nothing can separate you from His unconditional, unending love.  This is because He doesn’t just love you in the verbal sense of one choosing to love another person.  He inhabits love in the form of a noun. Love is what He is! 

In a world full of hurting and disappointed people, if anyone were to love you rightly and perfectly, wouldn’t it be the One who embodies love itself?

 “Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.” Psalm 136:26

WNY Life Together Team Member