The team


Pat is a Powerful and Free woman of God. You are sure to be inspired to go deeper as you listen to the heart of the father through her teachings. We are excited to feature her as our Main Speaker at the event.


A woman of depth and sincere warmth, Kattys life is a picture of what it looks like to have a heart alive in love for Jesus. She is a joy to be around, and we are thrilled that her and her family have moved to New York and have taken on the role as associate pastors at new Hope Fellowship in Bloomfield.


Amy is a woman you lives out everything it means to be in community. She turns birthday celebrations into birthday weeks, she will deliver you coffee just because, and she listens and consoles like any best friend would. We admire her work ethic, balancing of being a mother and a wife, but above all a good friend. We are excited to be getting to Amy in this Life Together community.


Emily is loyal to her core. It is always a relief when you know Emily is going to be somewhere because she will help anyone, with anything. She has a laugh that makes you remember life is enjoyable. Its going to be a blast to have her on the team!


Deanna is sure to keep this team fresh and alive. It is a treat to be in community with Deanna because she is one of the wisest and most passionate woman we know. Having Deanna bring the word at this February gathering is a must!


More tech-savvy than the rest, Maria is someone you don’t want to miss community with. Her sense of humor and deep conversations are the kind that lead to a room full of laughter and your heart full of love. We are thankful for her work on the website!


An absolute delight to have as an intentional loving friend, Heather encompasses the mission of this community perfectly. We are excited to see her dreams blossom at this event.


You can be sure to find Kate deep in thought, worship, and grace whenever you see her. Its been an amazing part of community to live life with Kate as her conversations about the Lord lead you to falling in love with Him all over again.


Kerri’s charismatic personality and genuine care for others make her a magnetic person to be around. Her laughter is contagious and her dance moves unconventional. Kerri’s love of Christ and community is what has spurred the creation of WNY Life Together.


Kelly is a wonderfully unique person and devoted to her friends and family. Her peaceful and calming presence sets her apart, and she is an essential part of our community and we are looking forward to hearing more of her heart in her blog posts!


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