What role can you play?

Guest Blog Post

We want to hear from Western New York women! Whether it is something you love about life, are frustrated over or a cat picture that will brighten up a sad Monday for someone, we want YOU to guest post on the blog! It can be as simple as an inspiration picture, or a theological standpoint. Email us at wnyLifeTogether@gmail.com

A Few Marthas

Many hands make for light work. Let us know if you want to set up or help us tear down. Email us at wnyLifeTogether@gmail.com

A Rochester Version of an IHOP Worship Set

Do you love to worship Jesus? Great, us too! Let’s get all United Pursuit about this. We have no one main singer or any worship band in mind so please let us know if you want to usher in the presence that night with your voice/instrument. Email us at wnyLifeTogether@gmail.com

Miss. Paparazzi

We would love to capture some of these great moments on camera, want to be our own personal paparazzi? Email us at wnyLifeTogether@gmail.com

Prophetic Teams

Gifted in prophesy and want to help us release words of  knowledge during this conference? Email us at wnyLifeTogether@gmail.com to learn more about how you can join in on the ministry.


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